Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day Three

So, no pics today, we don't have any sunshine and its rainy. :-/

I filed my nails last night with my glass file I bought at Sephora for $7 in store, looks like $8 on-line

I didn't file too much, just enough to get the ragged edges off. :-) On another note, my friend and I decided that we wold get pedicures instead of manicures, that way I can continue this little at-home experiment! I have to admit, this is by far the best Orly "polish" I have ever used, especially nice after trying Tough Cookie, Orly...for shame! The application of this is just dreamy, easy, smooth, iridescent and I swear if it wasn't for Orly's wonderful rubberized cap I wouldn't even bother with the polishes but I just keep trying them out.

I also just bought China Glaze Pool Boy Toy, totally excited to use that, I was lusting over OPI Ogre the Top Blue but I settled on China Glaze Pool Boy Toy, we'll see, I may end up getting Ogre the Top anyhow.

I had better get back to preparing for the ASM meeting in San Diego that is in a couple of weeks.

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