Tuesday, December 28, 2010

And the Prodigal Daughter Returns...

So, my lovely followers, I have been MIA for a while as I am sure you have noticed. Excuses aside let's just say that I am getting back into the dating world again, 'nuff said!

I have my Christmas manicure for you today, even though I am much more of a Festivus-for-the-rest-of-us celebrator! On the upside of this manicure: I did it while at work and to make the dots on my thumb I used a mechanical pencil tip, so it is conveniently easy, albeit lazy.
Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous on me fingers with the accent finger in Zoya Ivanka! I think this was 2 sloppy coats of both.

Look at how it glows!

And the red dots were done in China Glaze Riveter Rouge

I am very very busy with my school work (I got perfect scores this last semester) so I don't plan to post more than 1-2 times a week but I do plan to post more than I have been lately! =)

What are everyone's plans for New Year's? Do you have some killer party to attend? Quiet evening in with the dog/cat?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Santa Lives in the UK and delivers to me early!

Good morning, it is dreary and rainy/snowy here where I live but inside when I got to work this morning there was a surprise in my inbox!
Jaljen from nailpolishuk/bats about nail polish sent me this awesome package, thank you so much Jenni, please let me send you something!...and three of them are long time lemmings and the other three are still very exciting and pretty in the bottle!
From left to right: BarryM Racing Green, Eyeko Posh Polish, Eyeko Petite Polish [these are the three I've really been lemming], BarryM Limited Edition something pink...the label is a little sketchy, lol, nails inc, London in Monmouth Street, and Burjois Brun enrobant. Which means Brown Coat, Brown Robe, Brown Wrap, Smelly Muskrat? I obviously don't speak Francais but  I'm still very excited for this polish!

Not to give these a short post but I have work to do right now, I will definitely try to swatch these tonight though, if I can get lighting to be good. On to dog pics...

They are playing on my bed here, Maggie on the left and the new baby, Ginny on the right.

I think I gave Ginny the wrong name, I really should have called her Baby Jaws! =)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I may drink alone but I'm no LUSH!

Today I have for you my honest  opinions on some Lush things that I have purchased from their website.

My personal favorite is Honey I Washed the Kids soap, I think I already raved about this stuff so here is just another spam pic. of it.
This stuff is really just the best, it lathers, it smells great and makes my skin smile at me!

And some other Random bits of bath products...
This shampoo does wonders with my hair, it is really nice to use a couple times a week for super shiny and super volumized, soft hair

The main ingredient is sea salt and it is just lovely, the scent reminds me of fresh laundry

the fabled cuticle butter...

is it all that and a bag of potato chips? meh, it's nice, it's the best I've ever tried but I keep thinking there is something better out there, it smells delish!

This is a face moisturizer, I actually got this one on accident, I wanted a body cream and got a facial cream instead, whoops.

It is very thick and is too thick for my face during the summer, I've been using it on my hands at night and my hands  have honestly never felt better

This is the Temple of Truth Bubble Bar, OMG, this smells great and makes tons 'o bubbles and makes the water super silky! I use about a third of the bar per bath and it is pure luxurious bliss!

How about you?

Any great products that you have tried lately and are loving or hating?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A little of what you fancy does you good.

Here is two more polishes I won from polish of the day.ish.

This is Claire's Under the Sea, and it looks strikingly like Pure Ice First Time (stupid stoopid name)

You can see brush strokes and I didn't add a ridge filler base coat, but ladies and gents... ONE COAT! Imma use this for Konad and soon!

Here I added some glitter, Pure Ice, some other stupid name, I'm sure...too lazy to get up and go look at it, but it made my day.
This was the only good pic I could get of this one, this is two coats of Sally Hansen Star Opal Nail Glaze used as a french manicure base, this is like a 'clear' duochrome of pink and green, very very pretty!

So what is with that title anyways...?


A euphemistic way of expressing the benefit of sexuality.


This proverbial saying was first the title of a vaudeville song, made famous by the risqué Victorian singer Marie Lloyd. Lloyd was an immensely popular music hall performer in England towards the end of Queen Victoria's reign and into the early 20th century, much to the chagrin of the moralists of the day, who did everything they could to prevent her from performing. This included having her refused entry to the USA in 1913 for "moral turpitude".
The songs she made popular were apparently fairly harmless but she managed to deliver even chaste material with a certain lewdness. The style she adopted was of a winking familiarity with the audience, all of who of course were happy to play along with every double entendre.
The chorus of "A Little of What You Fancy Does You Good", goes:
A little of what you fancy does you goodI always hold in having it if you fancy it
If you fancy it that’s understood
And suppose it makes you fat? I don’t worry over that
‘Cos a little of what you fancy does you good.
No one present at performances imagined that Lloyd was singing about cream cakes, although the line has in fact been used to advertise them in recent years. The sexual innuendo that was ever-present in the music hall has now largely been forgotten.
Marie Lloyd has been a continuing influence on British variety and comedy acts, being the template for artists like Max Miller and inspiration for the saucy euphemism of the Carry On film series. It is clear that Mae West ("I'm the kinda girl who works for Paramount by day, and Fox all night") also took inspiration from Lloyd's ("I sits amongst the cabbages and peas") manner of stage patter. 
I like me a good proverb and I've been told that I'm more of a folk-lurist than a soil scientist...at heart at least, the dirt under my fingernails tell a different story!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Dazzle you with Diamonds!

Hello all, I am so pleased to be alive today! I have been struggling with some pretty major life-altering things that I don't really want to get into so needless to say I am surviving day by day and am just really enjoying my nail polish!

Here is the first polish that I won that I was just totally excited to wear...OPI DS Diamond!
This is a champagne-colored holo from the designer series and I really love it, it looks blah in the bottle but boy does it deliver on the nail! This is 2 easy peasy coats.

This picture really captures how fine the little holo glitters are, it is nearly a holo  shimmer they are so fine and delicate!

Although these pictures can't do the polish justice I assure you that this is totally work appropriate and just amazing in the sun. =)

On a slightly different note...I ate a cold cheese sandwich for dinner last night, not grilled, no sauces, just bread and cheese happy Pigeon 'cause no dishes.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I'm a Winner!

So, I won a giveaway from Polish of the Day. ish.!!! Karen is amazing, really. I was following her well before her giveaway, and I never miss her blog, I may not comment as often as I'd like but I do look at it everyday/evertime she posts. She has really awesome pics of her nails (which are painted perfectly!) You should all check out this post on what her husband did with her nail polish, too cute.

Anyhow, this is what I won.

My first GOSH polish! Look at how glorious it is!

I've needed a new ridge filler and now I can give this one a try!

I've never even seen these stencils before so this should be fun

And here's the new doggie, her name is Ginny and she's a border collie.

 And this is the little angel sleeping on the couch using a toy as a pillow, such a sweet baby!

Thanks for reading and thank you so much, Karen!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tardy to the Party

How is everyone?! I missed you all but I was very very busy. My husband was out of the country for a conference and I thought I'd have more time to blog, turns out taking care of my house and animals by myself takes all of my time...plus I adopted a new doggie, she is a beautiful little Border Collie, pics to come soon...

So, if you follow, you know that me and Maggie had our first 5k this Saturday, well, Maggie stayed home with her new friend and I missed the start of the race by 9 whole minutes cause I'm a social butterfly and was making friends...woops. I almost didn't run it after that but I did anyhow...and I ran it in 35 minutes! Hooray...my first race. Next time I'll actually train and time my miles and speed up and not miss the start, lol! The feeling is amazing coming to the finish line and have everyone, people you mostly don't know rooting for you and cheering for you to finish strong, it's a rush!

So, here is some awesome polish that I wore for the race.
 This is Sinful Colors Dawn, it is a purple jelly base with purple sparkles, love it. Don't ask me what the pink is on the cuticles, I cannot for the life of me remember what I was wearing prior to this!
Here it is in the bottle sort of with my comp. n the background.
 This is from their Halloween collection this year.
 Click on this one to see the beautiful color!
I never really thought I liked purple this much but I think I kept applying this for almost a week straight!

How was everyone's weekend?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So, once in a while, about every other day, I get my mind stuck on something and I simply must do it before I can move on! My newest thing is participating in my first 5k. You'd think with the fact that I've been running since junior high school (11 years total) I would have done a serious run before but alas, I have yet to do a serious race...
So, I found one that I want to do.
This is everything I could ever ask for, almost. It includes running and a good cause to help benefit animals!

And the best part is I called and asked and they said that I could bring my dog for the run!!! YAY! she runs with me every single night so this will be really fun, I think I'll pay the registration for me and then another $15 dollars for Maggie since she will be running with me.

Here she is in some wild flowers on a hike one morning. She loves to go running and for hikes!

Don't worry nail polish readers, I will have more, I'm trying to make some time to do my Halloween colors! I've been wearing them almost every single day, I love them.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Girl, you be Chippin'!

So, here is the first time I've worn my Dorothy Who, which I thought was going to be like a blue version of Ruby Slippers, not so it turns out!
Say what?! Look at those chips! Yikes, this is after a mere 13-15 hours of wear time and 7 of those hours were spent sleeping! I must say I have to blame it on my base coat of choice this time around, I think...Seche Clear. I was just trying to use up my bottle so I don't have it anymore and can franken with the bottle but I'm pretty sure that's why this chipped so fast!

I must say though, that I do love this color and hope that it lasts longer with another base/top coat combo.

Upon closer inspection of my skin I think I need to go back to SPF 50+ 'cause I am not supposed to be this 'tan' and my face is starting to show all the sun damage! =P

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Keep on movin'

I was busy moving so I haven't posted in almost a week, I think! Yikes. My nails are not looking their best but they are getting stronger and looking better every day!

These are my nekkid nails right after moving, they are very sad, I know.

Here they are with ridge filler (yay) and China Glaze For Audrey. These nails are making me feel better about everything, seriously! I got the idea to do For Audrey 'cause I was shopping and found a big picture of Audrey Hepburn with a kitty cat on her shoulder, still debating whether or not I should go back and get it!
I got an idea to do a comparison post between ridge filler and no ridge filler, I never knew how ridgey my nails really were 'til I started using it! =)

Also coming up:
Some Lush stuff reviews
OPI My Private Jet (holo?)
Sinful Colors Halloween colors

...stay tuned!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear OPI,

I love your polish but dislike your brush due to small nail beds. Is there any way that you can sell me smaller brushes for all of my beloved OPI polish colors?
Danielle C.

This is how I feel and it bothers me greatly but I do so love my OPI polishes! Today I have Lucerne-tainly look Marvelous? Don't make fun of my incorrect spelling and naming. It is pretty, I love it, I was dreaming about it and that's how I knew it was time to go buy it!

Don't click on these, my cleanup is horrible cause I'm in the process of moving and therefore don't have all of my stuff in one place anymore! =[

This is such a unique blackish silver! It was perfectly fine with 2 coats!

I wonder how good it is at Konad...? As soon as my nails are long enough I think I will try.

In other news, I used a ridge filler base coat the last time I polished my nails and I was floored by how nice my nails looked, I will definitely have to show some before and after shots, I see a difference!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vintage-y Sort of Day

To make up for my post on running shoes...lol...I have China Glaze Riveter Rouge! This color is so pretty in theory but I don't know how I feel about it on my fingers...hmm. It didn't clean up very easily which made for a sad Aggie but oh well. It also didn't last long before chipping, base coat issues maybe? I have not a clue.

I still have little bitty bits of nubs still as the tips of my nails are going to be weak til they grow all the way out! =P
You can see more of the sparkle at this angle, but I only captured two of my nails, oh well. I got my Lush stuff so I will be reviewing it in a couple days when I get a chance...I am also moving, I have lived in the same place for the last 4 years! It kind of breaks my heart but it is time to move to something bigger and nicer!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Some Labor Day 'Haulage'

So, here I am doing a 'haul' of sorts but really I was just so totally excited for this I had to share! I have been talking almost non-stop about these shoes for weeks to my husband and since he needed a new pair of shoes and all the shoes were buy one get one half off I decided it was time for me to get these! Introducing the Reebok RunTones! squeeeeeeeeee!
These are so awesome! I obviously don't invest money in shoes that 'look good' lol!

Look at that price tag! Yikes, for running shoes you might ask, ones that I will inevitably have to replace in 6 months time...Oh well. And they were supposed to be excluded from the sale but the guy ringing us up  didn't realize and I wasn't about to point it out, lol.
I've already taken them for a spin so they are dirty but they are like little balance balls on the bottoms and yes, my calves hurt and I have very thick, muscular calf muscles and they still hurt after a mere 1 mile jaunt!

I forgot to take this so my 'run' was more of a labored jog/skip with lots of wheezing! Whoops, I was just so excited to try the shoes out!
Maggie likes to go running too and she saw the shoes and was pretty interested in going again!
Now she's looking at a cat while she is all cuddled up with one of Daddy's black socks! haha!
She's far too tired to chase the kitty or go for another run tonight she says, hahaha. OK, Mag-Pie...we'll go tomorrow and remember to take Mumma's inhaler!

Hope everyone in the U.S. had a good Labor Day weekend and back to school and work for us all tomorrow and hope that everyone not in the U.S. had a good Monday, our Monday is tomorrow, lol!