Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Birds and the Bees

I would like to thank all of those who support the end to animal testing in cosmetics. While they don't use cute little bunnies very much anymore, they do happen to use mice still and when I took a toxicology course I learned that most human health/safety is tested on turkeys, who would have thunk?
To celebrate the summer and the glorious warm days with blue skies...and to fulfill another entry to PHD's weekly challenge, this week being nature inspired...this was one of my nail art designs, I had a lot of fun with this one!

This is hummingbirds and various flowers, I made the humming birds different colors!

This guy I made with Zoya Charla and the other one was Zoya Ivanka.

This was really fun to do and I liked the bees the best!

This was my favorite nail, I just think the bee is super cute, even though I am allergic to their stings!

Hope all of you are enjoying the bright sunny warm/hot summer days cause I know I am!


  1. Soo cute, did you freehand that hummingbird? It's adorable! I used Ivanka too ~ great minds think alike ;)

  2. @ Freshie- Yes, I freehanded the humming bird, thanks! Ivanka is so pretty and sparkly and summery looking, can't wait to see yours!

  3. This is beautiful! The shimmery hummingbirds are my favorite!

  4. That's such a cute manicure! I love the hummingbird you did a great job with that art. I'm impressed!

  5. @ Bianna- thanks, they are pretty cute.

    @ Stephanie- thanks so much, since I did it all freehand, I had to do something a little simpler on my dominant hand 'cause my non-dominant hand was really struggling! =)

  6. Soo cute the bird is adorable and I love the little bee too! P.S.: You said ¨thunk¨ :P:P (sorry I couldnt help myself!)

  7. Aggie - It turned out soo cute! Great job~
    I tagged you in this post -

  8. That is so cute!! I love PHD's challenges - I find myself anxiously looking forward to Monday just because of her challenges. What did you use for the blue base?

  9. @Tasha i know I said thunk, lol. :p

    @Megan I used orly snow cone, and thank you!