Monday, August 23, 2010

The Ugly Truth of Nakedness

Today you will find me and my nails on the edge of total collapse! Well, only my nails...but for real's peeps, check this out:

I was almost too terrified to put this up, it is seriously tragic. =/

I have on a coat of Seche Rebuild (which I'm sure will give me cancer someday) and I just removed some false nails. Now, the falsies in and of themselves do not do this to my bad anxious habits of ripping and nibbling do...for shame, Mrs. Aggie!

I am at a loss, what should I do?
Put on another bunch of falsies and ignore what is underneath?
treat, and if so with what?
just use some ridge filler and paint away?

I just bought some of China Glaze's Vintage Vixen Collection too! =P


  1. I would say try OPI Nail Envy. I cant say 100 % it will work for you because everyone is different but Nail Envy really helped me out a lot :D or OPI has some anti biting polishes that I've heard good things about. maybe the rebuild will help though..but why do you think it'll give you cancer?

    hope your nails feel better!

  2. Nail envy made my nails, which were just prone to a bit of breaking, flake like mad, I hate the stuff.
    I don't think your nails look that bad. I bet they look fine with a couple of coats of polish

  3. Awww... I'm sorry that you and your nails are having a rough time of it. My nails were in pretty rough shape, early this year, too. Slowly, steadily I got them into good shape.

    I filed them gently straight across then polished as much free edge as possible with a glass file. Then I kept than polished with base, a soft, nearly clear pink polish (OPI Hearts and Tarts) and topcoat. I painted my free edges to seal them and protect them from getting saturated and peeling. I just kept this up for a month or so, then finally had the damage and peeling growing away. Then I could shape them as I like, (squared with the corners knocked down a little) and start painting with a lot of colours, again.

    Hang in there and be patient and your nails will be fine. Treatments don't hurt, everyone is different and Nail Envy can't hurt, if it works for you. Why would Seche Rebuild give you cancer?lol

  4. @ Kathleen- I have been reluctant to get Nail Envy because of the price tag and also because I have some base coats that I think could and do work as well-even though I haven't tried Nail Envy yet, lol...and the biting, that is just an anxious habit that I haven't done in years and I don't know why I just started up again, I must need more exercise or something.

    @ joanne- thanks for the input and personal experience, I have heard mixed reviews on Nail Envy.

    @ Ice Queen- thank you so much for the advice! I think I will try my Orly Nailtrition again, along with going to the doc. for a blood workup just to be sure everything is in order on the inside!

    @Kathleen and Ice Queen- Seche Rebuild contains formaldehyde (yes, the same substance used for embalming dead bodies) which has been classified by the EPA as a human carcinogen, this is because it gets into DNA and cross links amino acid groups causing the tissues to be "fixed" in place...this is also why it is used in cosmetics as a bonding agent/thickening agent for nails, by cross linking the amino acids that make up proteins they don't stack as neatly together and you get a "thicker" nail temporarily but this will eventually lead to weaker thinner nails due to a weakening of the overall protein makeup---even knowing all of this, I still use it?! =] I guess you really can't fix stubborn!

  5. Oh no! Poor nails! I would imagine what they need are simply a polish-free vacation--- no nail polish, no rebuild, nada. I think the body has a way of taking care of things on its own =) (with good diet of course, which I think you probably have!). My nails were in pretty poor shape a while back, but they've been on a few week hiatus... and they've recovered so wonderfully- it almost makes me want to go polish free (blasphemy, I know). I would probably trim all the white of the nail off, so it doesn't stress the rest of the nail if you bend it, and also invest in a good nail buffer! (I like Sephora's ... it's $5). The buffing will get rid of the ridges and polish the nail so it looks nice and shiny! Good luck =P

  6. Oh my gosh!! Does Seche Retain contain it as well? I use it and if it has it then I'll want to stop...

  7. @Dovey- What on earth will I blog about, buying the nail stuff?! =)I have a good buffer and can't wait to get home to use it...I guess I can keep everyone updated on my nails and start doing a collection pic thing, maybe even a short video of me and my cello. I'm a vegetarian but I always eat a good variation of beans and eggs and milk-ish products, but thank you for the advice!

    @Kathleen- I don't think Retain has any formaldehyde, I would have to read the box, but from what I've seen that it is marketed to do it doesn't look like there would be any need for formaldehyde, I think you are safe. Don't let me scare you too much either! =]

  8. Hey Aggie! I'm sorry to see that you're having bad nails day! Perhaps you should rest your nails for awhile from having polish. But like you, I just can't resist using the nail polishes in my stash! Haha! I suggest you just buff them, specially the ends. Get well soon for your nails!

  9. @Rins- thank you so much, I just buffed them and they at least look a little better! =)

  10. I got false nails done once and I was over it. It ruined my nails! I dont have any good tips.. I grew mine out... but at least I am learning a lot from the comments here!

    I hope you heal soon

  11. @Tasha- yeah, these were just the press ons, really no big deal in the past...I've never had the salon fake nails, they scare me! thanks so much!

  12. I am of the "keep painting" school of thought. When my nails get bad, I try to file them more often (to keep the layers even) but just pile on thick base coat and do my color as usual. I used Seche Base Ridgefilling for a long time, but have switched lately to Instant Artificials (two coats under color) and am liking it a lot.

  13. @Karen- thank you so much for your thoughts on the matter, I think I will at least try to paint them once in a while. =)