Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I really am losing my marbles!

Fingers taped off
Today I have another water marble, but this time I took lots of pics through the whole process so you will see how I do it. But really, I learned from the best...My Simple Little Pleasures and her awesome website!

This is Essie Fishnet Stockings and I am holding my little leftover chunk of Honey I washed the kids soap. lol.

I made a bullseye in room temperature distilled water with Essie Fishnet Stockings, Zoya Goldie and Sally Hansen White-On

Then I messed with the polish a bit to make a design, not the best but not a disaster either!

then you dip

...and look at how cool it all looks!

All cleaned up.

This last one is a picture of my helper, Peter. He always helps me paint my nails, it's annoying how cats like to be in between you and whatever you are doing, but I still love him, especially 'cause he can't see due to a birth defect in his eye and removal of the other because of an even worse defect. Peter is our first-born son and is definitely the brat-prince! =)

I am going camping tonight so I will not be around for a couple of days but I will be sure to read and respond to comments when I return!


  1. Yay! I like how you took pictures of the process. It details how easy (and messy) this is.

    Posh Pigments-beauty blog

  2. This looks great! I haven't had very good success with marbling. I think I need to try it with a base color and then marbling on top.

  3. VERY messy. Great end-product though. I love Peter. Cool name for a cat. Dignified.

  4. ack! Looks like a complicated process! Good for you! Peter looks like a wonderful little orange guy--- it's sad that he has eye problems --- can he see at all?

  5. Pretty water marble. I tried. I flopped. I may try, again one day.

    My orange boy says "Hey" to your orange boy.

  6. @Lauren- it was kinda fun to take pics the whole way through!

    @Megan,- my first one I did without a base coat but two of the colors I used were glitters so it looked cool but I usually do a marble the day after I wore a color and I don't want to change the entire thing!

    @Jaljen- meh, messy shmessy, I thought I'd show how us non-professionals do this marble thang! Thanks about Peter, he is pretty dignified, almost majestic.

    @ Dovey- It is fun for me, sometimes I sit down and just try my polishes to see which ones will work well together on water, lol! I got Peter from the humane society and they said that he needed a special home to take care of his special needs (he was 1 month old--was born with these defects and had two eyes)and I went directly to my husbands' work and told him about the little guy and he started crying and told me to go get him! The rest is history, he is now almost 6 years old and had his eye removed when he was 2 months old. He can see light and shadow but he still is not very good at NOT running into things. :D

    @ Ice Queen- you should definitely try again, when you have lots of time to play!

    Gotta love those little ginger toms!

  7. Thanks for this! I keep meaning to try marbling; think it will be a challenge even though I do not have a furry assistant to help.

  8. @Karen- Totally, you need to do it, my husband really likes it when I do water marbles. =) It'll be way easier without the furry assistant, trust me.

  9. Ahh that cat must be very strong! Its great that you saved him... I love how animals are great company in the house!

    Nice job on the water marble! I like the step by step pics that you took. I posted the light yellow polish I told you about so check it our whenever you have the time ;)

  10. nice marble and cute title :D and yes, those shoes are surprisingly really comfy to walk in!