Thursday, October 21, 2010

I may drink alone but I'm no LUSH!

Today I have for you my honest  opinions on some Lush things that I have purchased from their website.

My personal favorite is Honey I Washed the Kids soap, I think I already raved about this stuff so here is just another spam pic. of it.
This stuff is really just the best, it lathers, it smells great and makes my skin smile at me!

And some other Random bits of bath products...
This shampoo does wonders with my hair, it is really nice to use a couple times a week for super shiny and super volumized, soft hair

The main ingredient is sea salt and it is just lovely, the scent reminds me of fresh laundry

the fabled cuticle butter...

is it all that and a bag of potato chips? meh, it's nice, it's the best I've ever tried but I keep thinking there is something better out there, it smells delish!

This is a face moisturizer, I actually got this one on accident, I wanted a body cream and got a facial cream instead, whoops.

It is very thick and is too thick for my face during the summer, I've been using it on my hands at night and my hands  have honestly never felt better

This is the Temple of Truth Bubble Bar, OMG, this smells great and makes tons 'o bubbles and makes the water super silky! I use about a third of the bar per bath and it is pure luxurious bliss!

How about you?

Any great products that you have tried lately and are loving or hating?


  1. I just got 2 of those bubble bars, they smell amazingly nice! I also have a sample of Honey I Washed the Kids, it smells so good! I love Lush!

  2. What tasty pictures!! I've always been lemming the honey i washed the kids soap and the BIG shampoo--- i have the finest and most unvoluminous hair!

  3. Lois- Yes, the bubble bars are for reals amazing!!! and Honey Soap...yes, please.
    Dovey- I also have very fine, thin, wavyish hair and it has little to no volume but those two products I recommend above all other Lush things I have tried so far!

  4. I have not tried any LUSH products yet but I definitely will soon. I've heard amazing stuff about the BIG shampoo; I have the world's finest hair and it's thin (ughhhh), so I'll be excited to try it. It sounds awesome!

  5. I love LUSH products. Including the Honey I washed soap and lemony flutter. I enjoy their hard shampoos and lots of their body products. I haven't tried the skin drink and could use a heavy hand moisturizer in the winter (I wouldn't use it on my face, blah). Thanks for the post so I could find more products, lol