Monday, October 25, 2010

Santa Lives in the UK and delivers to me early!

Good morning, it is dreary and rainy/snowy here where I live but inside when I got to work this morning there was a surprise in my inbox!
Jaljen from nailpolishuk/bats about nail polish sent me this awesome package, thank you so much Jenni, please let me send you something!...and three of them are long time lemmings and the other three are still very exciting and pretty in the bottle!
From left to right: BarryM Racing Green, Eyeko Posh Polish, Eyeko Petite Polish [these are the three I've really been lemming], BarryM Limited Edition something pink...the label is a little sketchy, lol, nails inc, London in Monmouth Street, and Burjois Brun enrobant. Which means Brown Coat, Brown Robe, Brown Wrap, Smelly Muskrat? I obviously don't speak Francais but  I'm still very excited for this polish!

Not to give these a short post but I have work to do right now, I will definitely try to swatch these tonight though, if I can get lighting to be good. On to dog pics...

They are playing on my bed here, Maggie on the left and the new baby, Ginny on the right.

I think I gave Ginny the wrong name, I really should have called her Baby Jaws! =)


  1. Such nice new pretties! Fun puppy pics, too. :)

  2. Freshie- yeah, sometimes you just need a little packet of goodies waiting for you at home or work, that's why I like to order things from Amazon. =)
    Karen- I am totally excited about these polishes, I'm wearing the nails inc, London one right now and it is right up my alley! Puppies make everyone's day better.

  3. I love surprises! Reminds me of my mom who almost always have something for me when she comes home from their trip to a mall. :)

    Your dogs are cute! Do they sleep with you on your bed?

  4. Awesome package, and aww, cute puppies!

  5. Glad they arrived. Always an anxious time when you post something..

    Adorable, adorable dogs.

  6. Brun = brown
    enrobant = it means like wrapped around

    Sorry I cant help it I love languages! (Plus i'm french canadian :D )

    I ordered some Barry M off their website I cant wait to try them. I almost ordered the LE Pink but I decided on something else in the end. Love the dogs!