Monday, October 11, 2010

Tardy to the Party

How is everyone?! I missed you all but I was very very busy. My husband was out of the country for a conference and I thought I'd have more time to blog, turns out taking care of my house and animals by myself takes all of my I adopted a new doggie, she is a beautiful little Border Collie, pics to come soon...

So, if you follow, you know that me and Maggie had our first 5k this Saturday, well, Maggie stayed home with her new friend and I missed the start of the race by 9 whole minutes cause I'm a social butterfly and was making friends...woops. I almost didn't run it after that but I did anyhow...and I ran it in 35 minutes! first race. Next time I'll actually train and time my miles and speed up and not miss the start, lol! The feeling is amazing coming to the finish line and have everyone, people you mostly don't know rooting for you and cheering for you to finish strong, it's a rush!

So, here is some awesome polish that I wore for the race.
 This is Sinful Colors Dawn, it is a purple jelly base with purple sparkles, love it. Don't ask me what the pink is on the cuticles, I cannot for the life of me remember what I was wearing prior to this!
Here it is in the bottle sort of with my comp. n the background.
 This is from their Halloween collection this year.
 Click on this one to see the beautiful color!
I never really thought I liked purple this much but I think I kept applying this for almost a week straight!

How was everyone's weekend?


  1. This looks very pretty! I love purple.

  2. Congrats on finishing the 5k!! That's so awesome. LOL @ you being tardy for the party. I'm glad you decided to run anyway.

    And this color is so pretty...I don't think I've ever noticed it in the store before. Or maybe I do and just think that it's Daddy's Girl, so I ignore it.

  3. This is really pretty! And congrats on finishing the 5k - I know that would NEVER be in my vocabulary. LOL

  4. It does look like Daddy's Girl and DG looks like Milani Totally Cool. Running 5K. Well done. Dog pix, please!

  5. @Zara- it is a very pretty color!
    @Chaos- thanks, it was hard to start after being so late but I knew I really wanted it!
    @Megan- 3.1 miles isn't nearly as long as it seems when you are running in a race, it was really fun!
    @Jaljen- it probably is Daddy's Girl with a new label, but I don't have DG so I am happy. I'm gonna show the other one from the collection I picked up at a later date, it's called Love Bite and it is very unique! Dog pics to be forthcoming!
    P.S. She's a ginger!

  6. EXcellent mani. And a BIG CONGRATS to your first race. Fabulous that you went ahead and ran even though you were busy at first, lol. And I can't wait to see your new addition. Love seeing your posts! :) Great weekend, btw. ;)

  7. the pink is like carmin, right? Anyway, pretty color:D

  8. Congratulations on finishing your first 5K race! Can't wait to see the new doggie. :)

    I tagged you with an award:

  9. i love this color :) congrats on the race!!