Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Being Cultured, but not too much

Of course by now some of you may know this but I will post it on my blog, I am a soil microbiologist and by cultured I always mean bacteria/yeast/what-have-you. Just before I chopped my nails off I had spilled a culture of bacteria all over my fingertips and was a little scared (and stupid for not wearing gloves) so I went into clean overhaul! This is a picture of what my manicure was right before I went 'clean crazy'

I know it's really nothing but it was kind of fun to do. I used Sinful Colors mint apple for the base and Orly Prince Charming for the tips.

So, not only was I 'cultured' with bacteria but my nails were also very cultured with their pretty little 'french-ish' mani.

Then I decided it was time to submit something to the color accent design challenge for PHD.

The lines are less than straight but it is really difficult to do free-hand nail art on really short stubs for fingernails! I was supposed to be a greyscale plaid with little gold hearts for the color accent, randomly placed.

well, that's all for today...Ciao!


  1. I love your color accent, very cute. I can't get enough of those little gems :)

  2. Yes, cute gems.

    Are your hands going to grow into mouldy cabbages or something? What was it? Do tell!

  3. @ Mari- I know, they are so cute and a steal at the dollar store, not literally stolen.

    @jaljen- nope, no mouldy cabbages, it was a bacteria that lives in high salt environments, by the name of Idiomarina sp. Since it grows in high salt (saturation or 30%) it is not likely pathogenic, I just got a little grossed out and I really should have been wearing my gloves! =)