Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A picture is worth a couple of cents and some running woes

So, I only have one picture for you all today.

Sorry for the tip wear and such. This is from the Sweet collection by Orly (from thumb to pinky): Lemonade, Snowcone, Pixy Stix, Lemonade and Snowcone. I then Bundle Monster-ed the top using one of the new Sinful Colors nail art polishes in 'Bad Chick'--what a horrible name for a white nail art polish!!!

I got the lemonade and pixy stix for another blogger in preparation or a swap (you know who you are) but as long as I had them in my possession I HAD to try them out, and then I ended up going back  and getting them and some others from this collection for myself! lol!
I had all the girls at a local gas station checking out these nails and asking me questions about them so I thought I'd post!

In slightly different news, pedicures with fancy stickers don't mix! As the name of this blog suggests, I am a runner. Not to scare you off, I am not one of those skinny runners you see with the long blonde ponytails! Oh no,  I have been running for years and am still classified as 'overweight' according to the BMI and I still run AT LEAST 3 miles a day! I have very buff manly-looking legs! =)
But I digress, when you run about 7 miles nail stickers fall off, when you run 13 miles (half-marathon) pretty much all nail polish comes off but when you run a marathon (26.2 miles) your toenails turn black and fall off in couple of days of the big run, just some fun facts about 'Running with Polish'


  1. lovely colors!

  2. Hi, my name is Natalie! I'm new to viewing your blog, but thanks for letting me follow along!

    I had never heard of Bundle Monster before! Thanks for letting me know there is something out there cheaper than Konad. :)

  3. Cute!

    I can barely reach my toes! No way I'm going to put this to the test. The stickers OR the running.

  4. Eek! I'm glad I'm not a runner, haha. :D Cute mani!

  5. @ Tara- thank you!

    @ Natalie- Bundle Monster is a steal of a deal if you are just getting into nail stamping, even though Konad is much higher quality

    @ Jaljen- lol, you don't have to run or use stickers, I cheated and had my husband put the stickers on this time, he did it 'cause I had just bought him a video game and he felt in debted to me!

    @ Zara- I love running, even though I'm still chunky and my pedicures don't last very long!

  6. Running for FUN?? I'm in the AF Reserves and I have to run a mile and a half and it about kills me.
    Do your nails really turn black and fall off?? kinda ew, but I guess that saves polish... :)


  7. That's so cute. I don't think I've ever ran more than 2 miles... I hate running lol

  8. @ Anita- yes, run for fun and my nails really have fallen off before, it's painful but then again, so is running! =) And in the AF reserves they give you a time limit to run, I don't have to beat the clock when I run, just have fun!

    @ Jeanelle- I have to remind everyone, when I started it took me about 18 minutes to 'run' a mile! I can now walk a mile in about 20 minutes and that's leisurely so...yeah

  9. Cute mani!

    I want to get back to running, though I don't expect I will ever get up to enough miles in a row to threaten my pedi. :)

  10. @ Karen, lol! Any running is good. Sitting is better than laying down, standing better than sitting, walking better than standing and running better than walking but it is all relative to where you are and what you're doing at the moment, lol.

  11. I really admire the discipline of runners! Keelp it up... And don't pay attention to the BMI. Index it's very flawed... What matters is if you feel healthy (when I was trying to become a model a few years ago I was at my skinniest and super unhealthy and it's not worth it). Oh and chiki Is staying with a good friend! Thanx to technology I can check in on her anytime I want lol

  12. this is so cute!

    i love it!

    I try to run too! I'm lazy though..good job with 3 miles a day..!

    yeah I have thick legs too. they will never be skinny skinny no mater how much I work out!

    I love my legs.. they are strong and healthy and get me places... so I think that's all that matters.

  13. I love all the pastels together!

  14. haha i actually run too! and i only rub off my big toe usually. all others are safe..