Thursday, July 1, 2010

Random Drugstore Polishes

So, first up I have a frost! :0 Hear me out, I got this cause it perfectly matched a swimsuit I bought years ago and I wore it on my toes, Since then I have 'ungrown' out of that swimsuit so I have no idea when I will wear it next. This is a green-silver frostyness of evil on sad looking fingernails such as mine right now!

It's kinda pretty...sorta and it's called First Time by Pure Ice, and yes, it's brushstrokey cause it's a frost, deal.

and one in the shade so you can see its very metallicy.

...and one in the bottle so you can see it shine and sparkle!

OK, so now that I am done with that I will show you Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Virtual Violet, I bought this color for my nieces and I love it so much that I ended up buying an extra one for myself!

It has a blue shimmer that is just spectacular and I seriously get so many compliments when I wear this polish, it puts some of my more expensive designer polishes to shame!

Again, sorry for the nubs and the sad shape of my nails in general. I think everyone should have this color, for $2.50 you can't really go wrong with how many compliments I get on this!

On a slightly separate note, I just spent $12.50 on a bottle of OPI Designer Series polish, but I'll show you that one another day, I don't feel bad about it at all, it's so gorgeous!  =)


  1. I certainly would get the Violet if only I could.
    Hansen must be a huge company. Why can they not sell their ranges in the UK????

  2. SH is a mondo company! They should be selling in the UK, they are really not bad polishes, especially for the price!

  3. Frostyness of evil--ha! It actually doesn't look too bad in your pics; I've got some old SHs that look striped they're so brushstrokey.

  4. yeah, it seems like the older frostys are the really bad actors!

  5. Irridescent coolness. I hate brush strokey matter what ya do, you can't seem to get it out...not even w/a great top coat. :P blah!

  6. I love both of these and keep passing on virtual violet... it really is a lovely good quality polish and soooooooo inexpensive. I liked your Pride Day mani, below as well...

    I have found Cutex remover in the pump to work well with false nails. I have removed polish from the nailene 3X wear nails without loosing any of the french tip design. I have had bad luck with the Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Acetone Free polish remover = the blue one. It is strange because it is formulated for false nails!

    Right now I am using the purple Sally Hansen Maximum Strength polish remover. I plan to add a few drops of Glycerin into it as per MUA recommendations. Other than that I strive to get at least 5 to 7 polish changes out of each set of false nails I apply.

    Good luck and if you discover anything that works out let us know!

  7. @Lacquer Ware: Yes, iridescent coolness indeed.

    @Deez: Thanks for the info and I think you should definitely get the virtual violet, it is really mesmerizing in the sunlight! I think that the nail polish remover that doesn't have acetone in it is just difficult and takes longer to remove polish... oh well.