Friday, July 23, 2010

I didn't forget anything, I was a Victim!

A victim of cord stashing! Silly husband decided that he would take all of my cords lying around and put them in his laptop case just to see how long it would take me to realize that they were missing, grrrr. lol

So, to celebraate I am doing my very first request! extraH from Polish or Perish requested that I try layering Sally Hansen Virtual Violet over top of black so that is exactly what I did...
This look is ok but I am just not a fan of dark colors, at least not dark blues.
I freaked out after spilling some bacterial growth media onto my fingertips yesterday and chopped all my free edge off! (sigh)
While I do think this combo looks stellar, I don't think that it fits my personality. Do you ever feel that way, like the color looks good but you can't bear the thought of wearing it in public?


  1. This is phenomenal!

    I would wear anything once. The peach shimmer I sported the other day almost made me sick with regret and disgust but I was going to get a day's wear out of it no matter what...

  2. Oh! Short nails! Yay I can definitely relate to loving a color but not wanting to wear it out. Usually this happens when I do a crazy shiny or blue type polish. Oddly enough--- I can also relate to the growth media too--- I hope you didn't spill the kind that had bacteria growing in it overnight x_X

  3. @Jaljen- yeah, that peach shimmer was pretty awesome, it reminded me of my in-laws front parlor that hasn't been updated since the early 1990's

    @ Dovey- yeah, blues on my toes are fine in my book but on my fingernails... and luckily since I am dealing with halophilic bacteria most of the media I work with is high salt and so nothing growing in it is pathogenic!

    @ Karen- he will feel my wrath next time he does it! ;-)

  4. I really like this shade on you!

  5. Very pretty! There are certain shades I can barely stand to go out in...but not very many; I love most colors. :)

  6. Aww I like this color. Yeah sometimes I'm not always feeling the gorgeous colors I put on too, but it's great to be able to go back to them later :D

  7. @ Caitlin- thanks!

    @ Zara and Jen- It has kinda grown on me today but I am still ready to take it off thanks.
    just Jen- Since I layered these I might try to go back and layer it over a different color other than black. =)

  8. LOL so how long did it take you to realize that the cords were missing? ;P

    I think its a pretty color... but I get it when I put neon shades on I think "Where can I wear this?" and then take it off lol!

  9. this looks great its a cool colour, your blog is awesome

    maybe you can follow me too


  10. @tasha I love neons and I wear them wherever I want, hehe

    @nail junkie thanks, and I think I already follow you but I will double check =]