Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So, once in a while, about every other day, I get my mind stuck on something and I simply must do it before I can move on! My newest thing is participating in my first 5k. You'd think with the fact that I've been running since junior high school (11 years total) I would have done a serious run before but alas, I have yet to do a serious race...
So, I found one that I want to do.
This is everything I could ever ask for, almost. It includes running and a good cause to help benefit animals!

And the best part is I called and asked and they said that I could bring my dog for the run!!! YAY! she runs with me every single night so this will be really fun, I think I'll pay the registration for me and then another $15 dollars for Maggie since she will be running with me.

Here she is in some wild flowers on a hike one morning. She loves to go running and for hikes!

Don't worry nail polish readers, I will have more, I'm trying to make some time to do my Halloween colors! I've been wearing them almost every single day, I love them.


  1. So great that they're letting Maggie run with you!

  2. What a great reason to run. Maggie looks ready to go. :)

  3. What a great event, I wish they had something like that down here in SLCo. I'll be cheering you and Maggie on!

  4. Karen, Lacquer Ware, Jbrobeck- I know, and Maggie gets to run, yay!
    Anita- They do! They have Strut Your Mutt down in Salt Lake, my friend does it every year, I don't know if they have a 5k or not but it's the same benefits the Utah Humane Society.

  5. My sister influenced me to run. I always opt for the 5k whenever I join. But recently, I've decided that running isn't for me. But this run with your pet sounds good! I hope you'll have a fun time with Maggie! :)

  6. What a great cause! I am sure Maggie will enjoy it as much as you will ;) Good luck!