Sunday, June 27, 2010

Rainbow/Pide-tastic + CotD

So, in honor of one of my absolutely best friend's coming-out of the closet I decided to do my nails in a rainbow!

here are the colors:

from left to right: Art you Kidding Me, Micheltangelo, Solar Power, Tree Hugger and Towel Boy Toy.

I love all these colors together! and then I also added some Bundle Monster.
the black is Wet n' Wild Black Creme and the tips are Orly Goth

So that's my celebratory nails, hope you like them.

And bonus cause he's just so cute...Cat of the Day (CotD)
This is Peter and he only has one eye--the other we had to remove when he was two months old and the one eye he has left he can't see out of very well.



  1. Awww Peter is very sweet and so cute. I love that mani you did great colors!

  2. Fantastic choice of colours. All bright and hot and great!

  3. thanks, all!
    @Steph, yes, Peter is cute but not that sweet, he is alpha cat in his roost here at home!
    @jbrobeck, he is just my bestest friend and I am so happy for him I couldn't leave it off my nails!
    @Jen, yeah, I love the bright colors, the more neon the better but I hate a plain boring matte finish!

  4. ohhhhh I love your cat of the day! You nails look awesome too ;)

  5. I LOVE your cat and your nails!! :-) Super awesome mani, and your kitty is super cute!

    Happy 4th!