Thursday, June 17, 2010

Add Some Tang to Your Life! +DotD

So, yesterday was hit or miss for me so today I have a much brighter cheerier polish to show and so far I'm still going out on the lake tomorrow so I hope it all keeps going according to plan. (I speak, of course, of pretty much the only lake in my state, Great Salt Lake)

I think it will be really nice and pleasant out on the boat so I will probably put on my favorite glitter right now, I'll show you later! ;-)

For now, enjoy a new addition to the collection, Tangerine Tint from Finger Paints.

this was 2 coats and it was just a superb application!

I just love these two colors together, my red purse and these nails are so awesome together!

Also, a blogger and lover of lacquer from across the pond has started doing a DotD....Dog of the Day so I thought I would too since my life is nails and my pets!  Check out her blog if you haven't yet...  Jenni-fur, I hope you don't mind me borrowing your idea! =)

Have a wonderful day everyone!

What do you think about orange as a polish color? My husband loves it but I'm not totally sold, although it is fun!


  1. I love that colour on you. Your husband is SO right.
    DotD - more info, please!!
    Age. breed, personality. Gender!

  2. That there is my pride and joy baby girl! Her name is Maggie Mae and she is an Australian Shepherd, she is shaved at the moment so that is why she looks strange! As you can see she has two different colored eyes (a well-known breed trait) and she is 4 years old! =) we got her when she was 7 weeks and my has she grown! She is my running/hiking companion and she is such a cuddle-bug! Oh my, she thinks she is about 5 pounds the way she crawls all over me!

    thanks for the idea and the compliment on the color, funny think, when I removed it tonight it left oompah loompah cuticles? can I even say that? lol

  3. That's a fun color - and yes, I like it with the color of your bag.

  4. I think orange polish looks great with a tan ;)

  5. ABOP and tasha, thanks, I think it goes good with the bag and i like to 'tan' outside in the summer, but really I'm just getting more freckles! =)

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