Thursday, June 10, 2010

Minty Fresh nails?

So, I have recently taken to the mint green nail fad and so I have Revlon Minty to show today, not my favorite but it's okay and the formula was a bit on the terrible side, it was so watery I left it open for an entire day afterwards to see if I can't concentrate it down a little.

Maybe I painted it a little sloppily or maybe my skin tone is too pale and therefore runs pinkish because of the blood underneath it, it just doesn't seem to fit my skin tone.?

So all this being said, I think I prefer my Sinful Colors Mint Apple to this particular minty green even though Mint Apple is darker and hardly mint at all. :)

Revlon also came out with a dupe? for Playa Del Platinum? *** Edit*** The Polish Insomniac has brought to my attention that this is not a dupe for PdP*** called Gray Suede which I am wearing right now and it's formula was fantastic and it is definitely my mannequin look, I am surprised I like it as much as I do!


  1. AggiePigeon I love these! I have the minted but have not tried it yet! Oh, and I am sorry to say the grey suede is not a dupe for PdP... you can see my comp here:

  2. that was a great comparison post, too bad I hadn't seen it til after I posted, oh well. I think I like the grey suede more than PdP, even though I too am a sucker for Essie. And I know for sure that I hated the real Mint Candy Apple cause it was way too blue, and I tried it on in the store before I came to that conclusion but I think I will def. post my Grey Suede picks tomorrow cause I love the color!

  3. Gray Suede sounds great. I love Playa but Revlon is cheaper. Great tip.

  4. I think Minty looks great on you!