Monday, June 7, 2010

Looks Like Somebody has a case of "The Mondays"

This is just a quick post of what I did with some of the new discounted Essies I got last week (I did go back and get the sale price for them). I couldn't decide what to do so I just painted a couple different ones on!
Furthermore, I was trying to save my fingernail with the teabag method and today I was talking with my boss/advisor for almost an hour and it was somewhat confrontational and I ended up being so nervous that I just ripped the broken piece of nail all the way off! BOO! Ah well, more important things to worry about...

Here is what I've been up to as far as my nails are concerned...

Left Hand in Essie Castaway and Lilacism on my index finger

Right hand with Essie Lilacism and Castaway on my middle finger (middle finger now torn to shreds :-/ )

I also took my doggie to the "booty pawlah" today and she got a haircut, so cute!

with a little fluffy kitty in the background and the sorry for the messy porch that she is laying on. :)