Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Waiting and Bored

So, I am so frustrated with my work, long story trip to go out on the boat to collect samples has been canceled due to weather and equipment problems all week long and I keep waiting thinking I'm going out tomorrow, all week long!!!! It started last Friday when I was originally supposed to go out on the lake but I digress...

I finally got to try my Essie Red Noveau, the formula on this was so awesome, it almost made me cry it was too perfect! I'd seen a lot of swatches and was really excited, well, my skin tone is just not good with this warm red, so I didn't even take a pic. with just the red. I was so bored with it, too flat for my taste so I was looking through my collection for something to jazz it up and I just got a feeling that I should use China Glaze Sexy Sillouette.

I don't think there is a camera in the world that can capture this color correctly but..
Don't mind the ragged cuticles, I forgot to moisturize before photograph!

This is fun but I just don't know, maybe I just have a really negative attitude today?

I need to put on a bright fun color tonight?

Do you have days where nothing sounds pretty and the color of your nails just doesn't console you the way it usually does? =)


  1. Ahh weather.. Why must s/he always ruin plans?! Heh.

    Oh, and I know the feeling all too well about painting your nails and it just not having that 'WOW' factor that you had thought/hoped for.. I hope if you do paint your nails again this evening that that 'WOW' factor pops up (:

    Also - pretty colour!!