Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear OPI,

I love your polish but dislike your brush due to small nail beds. Is there any way that you can sell me smaller brushes for all of my beloved OPI polish colors?
Danielle C.

This is how I feel and it bothers me greatly but I do so love my OPI polishes! Today I have Lucerne-tainly look Marvelous? Don't make fun of my incorrect spelling and naming. It is pretty, I love it, I was dreaming about it and that's how I knew it was time to go buy it!

Don't click on these, my cleanup is horrible cause I'm in the process of moving and therefore don't have all of my stuff in one place anymore! =[

This is such a unique blackish silver! It was perfectly fine with 2 coats!

I wonder how good it is at Konad...? As soon as my nails are long enough I think I will try.

In other news, I used a ridge filler base coat the last time I polished my nails and I was floored by how nice my nails looked, I will definitely have to show some before and after shots, I see a difference!


  1. sorry but i love the brush! try essie ;)

  2. I don't love the ProWide brush but I don't hate it either. Ridge filler (a good one - what do you use?) can make a BIG difference. Blackish silver is always a good colour to have.

  3. Ridgefillers can work wonders, it's true. And they're surely better for one's nails than aggressive buffing (though I haven't entirely managed to break that habit of mine).

  4. I have the same issue with OPI and their pro-wide brush. With my small nail beds I hate polishing my nails with these brushes. I make a huge mess and don't have time for a lot of clean-up.

  5. @ Kellie- I like the Essie brush but since they were bought out by L'OREAL and that company does animal testing for their cosmetics, I just can't agree with them anymore. =[

    @Jaljen- I have an older bottle of Essie's Fill the gap (before they were bought out) and I adore it, I never even thought I had ridges but it does make for smoother application!

    @Karen- I used to aggressively buff as well but I have found that my nails are so thin and weak at the tips now from all that buffing!

    @Lacquer Ware- I think I'm gonna try a smaller brush from another polish and see how it is.

  6. I never thought of the possibility of buffing causing thin nails - great point! I'm in the market for a good ridge filler, too. I like that color - it's bold but not bright and in your face.

  7. The more I see this colour, the more I like it. And want it. It looks smashing on you. :D

    I love OPI's Pro Wide brush. Different strokes.

    Hey, I made a funny! tee hee

  8. I hate the OPI brush too... but I NEED so many of their colors!

    Ridge Fillers are a life saver :) I use the OPI one and I love it!

  9. This post makes me laugh considering so many people gripe about smaller brushes. I just discovered OPI Ridge Filler as a base and LOVE it. It creates a nice smooth surface and is the best so far for keeping staining at bay.
    I wanted to spread a little sunshine your way so...

    - Anita

  10. @Megan- yeah, I'm wearing it today on my toes, it's fun...and I only think that the buffing caused extremely thin nails, I don't know for a fact.
    @Ice Queen- that was how I was, I needed to get it after seeing it enought times, lol and you did make a funny!
    @Tasha- Yeah, I hate that about OPI, I tried using an Essie Brush with it last time and I had much better results!
    @Anita- As Ice Queen said, different strokes for different folks, lol! But now I may have to try the OPI ridge filler base, hmm.

  11. I bought this shade but I haven't worn it yet! I may put it on next because of your post, it's gorgeous!