Monday, September 27, 2010

Girl, you be Chippin'!

So, here is the first time I've worn my Dorothy Who, which I thought was going to be like a blue version of Ruby Slippers, not so it turns out!
Say what?! Look at those chips! Yikes, this is after a mere 13-15 hours of wear time and 7 of those hours were spent sleeping! I must say I have to blame it on my base coat of choice this time around, I think...Seche Clear. I was just trying to use up my bottle so I don't have it anymore and can franken with the bottle but I'm pretty sure that's why this chipped so fast!

I must say though, that I do love this color and hope that it lasts longer with another base/top coat combo.

Upon closer inspection of my skin I think I need to go back to SPF 50+ 'cause I am not supposed to be this 'tan' and my face is starting to show all the sun damage! =P


  1. Great mani but sucks for the chipping. I hope you find a basecoat that will hold onto your lacquer longer.

  2. Oh yah, seche clear was chipmania on me too. It's been placed in quarantine!

  3. Bad, bad, naughty Dorothy.
    Dammit, that's why my hands look so grubby - not using enough SPF.

  4. @Lacquerware- pretty much any base coat works better! haha
    @ABOP- chipmania, sounds like a festival for chipmunk lovers. =)
    @Jaljen- Really, I see the biggest difference on my face and chest but my hands don't look as youthful as once they did...sigh

  5. When I saw the title yesterday--- I started laughing! =P I'm in dire need of base coat too--- I tried to dig out the last of my old bottle--- but I think it's reached the goopy stage where it does more harm than good!

    For some reason, I can't comment on this type of embedded type of comment box when I'm at home--- maybe it's something to do with firefox?

  6. @Dovey- yeah, I have some other base coats that are amazing, I just wanted to use this up but I am disgusted with it's poor performance!
    I use FireFox all the time, and then other (not all the time) I use Safari, I have no idea what the problem could be! Sorry