Thursday, September 9, 2010

Vintage-y Sort of Day

To make up for my post on running have China Glaze Riveter Rouge! This color is so pretty in theory but I don't know how I feel about it on my fingers...hmm. It didn't clean up very easily which made for a sad Aggie but oh well. It also didn't last long before chipping, base coat issues maybe? I have not a clue.

I still have little bitty bits of nubs still as the tips of my nails are going to be weak til they grow all the way out! =P
You can see more of the sparkle at this angle, but I only captured two of my nails, oh well. I got my Lush stuff so I will be reviewing it in a couple days when I get a chance...I am also moving, I have lived in the same place for the last 4 years! It kind of breaks my heart but it is time to move to something bigger and nicer!


  1. I have this one coming in the mail - can't wait! It's so sparkly. :) Your poor little nubs. They'll grow out.

  2. I wish I liked reds. This looks awesome on you. :)

  3. sorry, that came out wrong. :P some days it pays for me to pull my head outta my butt before I leave a comment. :P

    Anwhiddle, I meant to say that because you wear that color so well....I wish I liked reds on me cuz you make me want to own it. :)

  4. @Megan, I'm glad this one is coming in the mail for you, its really pretty and autumnal

    @lacquer ware he he, I knew what you meant and thank you so much, this is gonna look even better on longer nails!

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  6. I skipped this one since I have so many reds already. It does look nice and glowy.

  7. I'm your 80th follower. I love this color. :)

  8. @Karen- it's fairly standard, I agree but I like it all the same as I do not have nearly the kind of stash that you have! ;-)

    @susie- thanks so much, I appreciate all my followers!