Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Keep on movin'

I was busy moving so I haven't posted in almost a week, I think! Yikes. My nails are not looking their best but they are getting stronger and looking better every day!

These are my nekkid nails right after moving, they are very sad, I know.

Here they are with ridge filler (yay) and China Glaze For Audrey. These nails are making me feel better about everything, seriously! I got the idea to do For Audrey 'cause I was shopping and found a big picture of Audrey Hepburn with a kitty cat on her shoulder, still debating whether or not I should go back and get it!
I got an idea to do a comparison post between ridge filler and no ridge filler, I never knew how ridgey my nails really were 'til I started using it! =)

Also coming up:
Some Lush stuff reviews
OPI My Private Jet (holo?)
Sinful Colors Halloween colors

...stay tuned!


  1. Audrey IS a cute colour. Halloween, holo and a giveaway. Goodie!

  2. I hope you are all settled in after you move and are comfy and cozy. :) I love your short little ridgy nails. They're cute, and I totally understand the ridge filler. I use it as my basecoat when I'm swatching cuz I have some killer ridges. :P

  3. Oooo, go get the picture!!!

    I love my ridge filler base, best stuff ever!

  4. @Jaljen- thanks!
    @Lacquerware- Fairly comfy in the new place, the cats seem to like it a lot, the dog too, 'cause now wwe don't have a yard so for her to go out we HAVE to go with her, she loves that! And thank you so much!
    @Anita- I may just have to now!

  5. Your nails look A LOT better! Just keep taking care of them like you are and they will be back in shape soon ;)

    Aww I love Audrey! I think I saw Breakfast at Tiffany's about 100 times by now and I am still not sick of it!

  6. Tasha- thanks, they are looking a little better everytime I take off my nail polish (every other day) and yes, Audrey is just awesome! The only problem with the picture is that the background is hot pink and not Tiffany blue!

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  8. I don't own For Audrey, some close dupes so I decided to skip her for awhile. I don't use ridge filler either, maybe I should give it a go? I know it's hard to look at those naked nails but the healthier the better =D