Monday, September 6, 2010

Some Labor Day 'Haulage'

So, here I am doing a 'haul' of sorts but really I was just so totally excited for this I had to share! I have been talking almost non-stop about these shoes for weeks to my husband and since he needed a new pair of shoes and all the shoes were buy one get one half off I decided it was time for me to get these! Introducing the Reebok RunTones! squeeeeeeeeee!
These are so awesome! I obviously don't invest money in shoes that 'look good' lol!

Look at that price tag! Yikes, for running shoes you might ask, ones that I will inevitably have to replace in 6 months time...Oh well. And they were supposed to be excluded from the sale but the guy ringing us up  didn't realize and I wasn't about to point it out, lol.
I've already taken them for a spin so they are dirty but they are like little balance balls on the bottoms and yes, my calves hurt and I have very thick, muscular calf muscles and they still hurt after a mere 1 mile jaunt!

I forgot to take this so my 'run' was more of a labored jog/skip with lots of wheezing! Whoops, I was just so excited to try the shoes out!
Maggie likes to go running too and she saw the shoes and was pretty interested in going again!
Now she's looking at a cat while she is all cuddled up with one of Daddy's black socks! haha!
She's far too tired to chase the kitty or go for another run tonight she says, hahaha. OK, Mag-Pie...we'll go tomorrow and remember to take Mumma's inhaler!

Hope everyone in the U.S. had a good Labor Day weekend and back to school and work for us all tomorrow and hope that everyone not in the U.S. had a good Monday, our Monday is tomorrow, lol!


  1. I'm too old to run and my knees are shot. So that lets me out. Good. I abhor trainers. They are the least flattering footwear known to woman. Another good reason not to do running. I adore your dog.You can just tell she's looking at a cat - that thing they do with their ears. Bless.

  2. @ Jaljen- to run or not to run, whatever, as long as you are happy, eh? Yes, trainers are horrid! Thanks, Maggie says 'Hi' it was more of a 'Rooo Rooo.'

  3. Glad you got to test those babies out, even if it was slow going ;)!

  4. @ Freshie, yeah, I went last night for a longer real run and my butt and calves are really fatigued today, I like the shoes a lot though, they are super comfy to wear!