Friday, September 3, 2010

I May be Short but not on Personality!

Hello everyone, as said in my last post---no link, you can check it out yourself 'cause I'm lazy---I am going to try the Lush Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter, I'm very excited, it just shipped yesterday so can't wait for it and some other goodies to get here!

Question: Would you like me to do 'hauls'? I like  looking at some folks but after a while I just get depressed 'cause it seems like some people just have limitless funds, and especially from YouTubers (the ones that are still in high school) and they have more high end makeup than I have cat hair on my black shirt today! =P

This all being said, here's a pic of my little bitty nails with one of my all-time favorites, Sinful Colors Mint Candy Apple.

Note, 2 coats and no cleanup! Amazing polish, really!

I really like this picture 'cause you can see my pants that look like an old couch in the background. =)

I am in school so I will have a hard time posting and commenting but I will do my darn-dest to keep up in this awesome blog-o-sphere. 'til next time, I think everyone should have a piece of hideous clothing that they love to wear just to buck society!


  1. I have plenty of hideous clothing. MCA is a lovely polish. Who needs high-end?

  2. Oh! somehow I missed seeing your Lush post-- I'm excited for your lemony flutter review--- I always am drawn to Lush but can never choose anything!

    I think if you have a haul (btw I still think the word itself is strange), you should post if you're excited about it! I think some online hauls are a bit too consumer-ish, but I think if it's stuff that you were really looking forward to getting, I'd love to see it and hear why!

    Good luck in school =) Things are getting more busy for me too around now!

  3. Love ugly clothes, they're usually the most comfy.
    I kinda feel the same way about hauls, I lucked out in getting some extra $$ to fund mine but they're few and far between, mostly I get onesies and twosies when I can.

  4. You HAVE to have a piece (or two) of hideous clothes - it's the law. LOL That's a pretty color...going to have to add that to my collection!

  5. Good luck with the LUSH lemony flutter. I don't have an answer on what you should post because I prefer to go to bloggers who post what THEY enjoy. Its real then and honest. I like that, but that's just me. good luck with your decisions. :)

  6. @ Jaljen- exactly. =P
    @ Dovey- I am the same way about Lush, I just have this thing, I'll order three things at a time and then next time I order another three things and so on...except I'm getting to the point where I will order the same three things I ordered previously 'cause I love it so much! And thanks, I need the extra luck.
    @ Anita- I agree, so comfy and ugly, who cares, right? And I would also take some freebies if offered but the YouTube vids get old when they are all about how awesome this product is and they were sent over $100 worth of free things and it really makes me wonder if they would have tried it and liked it as much had they spent their own $150.00! =)
    @ Megan- I completely agree with you, it should be the law if it isn't already! So worth adding this one to your collection at only $1.99.
    @ Lacquer Ware- great, I think I will post some other things that I am excited about then, it will be fun for me and I am so excited to get my Lemony Flutter and try it out!